Bring in meaning in hindi - Bring in का मतलब हिंदी में 

Bring in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Bring in 
As noun : कमा लेना Ex:  It is said, in terms of Arts, Plastering leather, Y bring in the grain; and Plastering horsehair, The boil water for curling
As verb : आह्लान Ex:  Telly fears what the New Year will bring in Sesame Street Stays Up Late! उत्कर्तन Ex:  Fishing licences bring in a handful of million pounds a year उल्लुंचन Ex:  Banker Court in Rome, or Expeditionary Banker, Officer whose function was to bring in shipments of the Court of Rome, as provisions profits, exemptions, etc कप्पना Ex:  It is also said of the animals and plants that can bring in a country and who succeed कर्तन Ex:  judicial trial, test to which we subjected the person accused of a crime to bring in the judgment of God कलप्प Ex:  PULL intransitive also means Exert traction, an effort to bring in itself something काटना Ex:  RENTRER is also transitive verb and means Porter or delay in, bring in what was outside कापना Ex:  The bring in blouses कुट्ठन Ex:  To bring in experienced people to गुजरानना Ex:  waters from neighboring sources were derived to bring in the channel तर्कुट तुच्छना धिजावना निकर्त निर्णय देना पेश करना बउलाना बुलाना ब्य़ोँतना भीँचना लागू करना लुंच, लुंचन वकारना वदर्ध, वर्ध वदर्धापन, वर्धापन वर्द्धन, वर्धन शामिल करना संछेद समाकरण समाह्व सला हूत होँकारना होत्रा ह्वान
Bring in ki paribhasha : kisi dhaaradaar chij ki daab ya ragad se do tukade karana kisi ko bolane men pravratt karana

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Bring in synonyms

sell earn get pay acquire produce bring cost yield fetch accrue bear gain gross realize return be worth

Bring in antonyms

surrender refuse decrease lose fail leave

Usage of Bring in in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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