Budget meaning in hindi | Budget ka matlab 

Budget meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Budget 
Other : खाता
Usage of Budget: 1: the established a baseline for the budget 2: New budget boons changed the market plays. 3: The new budget outrages the middle class. 4: The laboratory runs on a budget of a million a year
The president submitted the annual budget to Congress
5: This years budget seems to be cost-benefit. 6: All opposition parties countered the budget of 2000. 7: We budget by the year . 8: This version was re-released on VHS by budget label Paradox Video in 1995 9: The EU's budget is divided into compulsory and non-compulsory spending. 10: Metal Blade financed a recording budget
Budget ki paribhasha : kapade taat aadi ko sikar banaaya hua paatr jisamen koi vastu bharakar bnd kar saken ek avyay jis ka prayog simaa, abhivyatki, ishat aur atikraman ke arthoan men hota hai aapatti ya kasht men na padne dena jisaka mooly saadhaaran se kuchh kam ho bhoomi aadi ka vah kar jo raaja ko diya jaay aagaami varsh ya maas aadi ke liye bhinn bhinn bibhaagon men honevaale aay aur vyay ka lekha jo pahale se taiyaar karake mnjoor karaaya jaata hai

Budget synonyms
allocation total account cost means funds bulk aggregate statement quantum allowance finances resources quantity estimated expenses fiscal estimate planned disbursement spending plan allocate calculate compute apportion predict ration
Budget antonyms
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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