Cabin meaning in hindi | Cabin ka matlab 

Cabin meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cabin 
Usage of Cabin: 1: We booked a cabin on a train. 2: Tom Swift looked at his cabin mates inquiringly 3: Outside the cabin door, a path stretched forth . 4: Night falls without another sighting and the men retire to the boat's cabin 5: Brody retreats to the boat's cabin 6: The crew cabin hit the ocean surface at roughly334 km/h 7: 5% of the crew cabin and 65% of the satellite cargo is still missing. 8: The "floor" of a cabin is properly known as the sole 9: He leaves the ship by leaping through the cabin window onto the ice 10: 1969 gave the design of the LM cabin as the reason for Armstrong being first
Cabin ki paribhasha : photograaphi ka ek aujaar jo sndook ke aisa hota hai aur muanh par lens ya pratibinb utaarane ka gol shisha laga rahata hai makaan aadi men vah chhota sthaan jo chaaron or divaaron ya daravaajon aadi se ghira aur oopar se chhaaya ho dupatte ka vah aaanchal ya chhor jise pith par dalate hain

Cabin synonyms
box shed chalet room shack shelter shanty camp hut lodge cottage home compartment berth crib quarters hovel caboose deckhouse log house 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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