Cabinet meaning in hindi | Cabinet ka matlab 

Cabinet meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cabinet 
Usage of Cabinet: 1: The enunciation for ceasefire was passed only after the cabinet meeting. 2: The Prime MInister met his cabinet for the talks. 3: See if you can get the cat out of this cabinet . 4: A cabinet may be built-in or free-standing. 5: Most vortech routers are used mostly in the cabinet making 6: The new cabinet was dominated by Baath members. 7: Legislation may be initiated by the cabinet or by members of Parliament. 8: A "purple" cabinet was formed by the VVD 9: The members of cabinet 10: D66 and PvdA. In 2002 elections this cabinet lost its majority
Cabinet ki paribhasha : makaan aadi men vah chhota sthaan jo chaaron or divaaron ya daravaajon aadi se ghira aur oopar se chhaaya ho vah kamara jisamen raaja mahaaraaj aadi apane vishvaasapaatr mntriyon ke saath prabndh snbndhi salaah karate hain vah khad sndook jisamen chijen rakhane ke liye khaane ya dar bane rahate hain aur bnd karane ke liye palle hote hain

Cabinet synonyms
case container escritoire closet commode repository depository locker chiffonier wardrobe dresser ministry administration authority committee government bureaucracy assembly council brain trust kitchen cabinet advisers counselors administrators assistants department heads governing body official family 
Usage of Cabinet in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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