Cajolery meaning in hindi | Cajolery ka matlab 

Cajolery meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cajolery 
Cajolery ki paribhasha : vah jhoothi prashnsa jo keval doosare ko prasann aur anukool rakhane ke liye ki jaay

Cajolery synonyms
honey fawning exaggeration incense adulation oil baloney inveiglement compliments wheedling coaxing ingratiation overpraise eyewash a line soft words admiration applause commendation homage ovation blessing courtesy endorsement tribute acclaim bouquet confirmation sanction respects veneration sentiment favor notice eulogy regard encomium acclamation posy approval congratulations appreciation laurels panegyric laud honor pat on the back laudation orchid felicitation buttering up good word kudo warm fuzzy come-on bait inducement lure temptation fascination decoy attraction promise trap snare sweetener sweetening mousetrap come hither approbation stroke plaudits servility snow mush gallantry puffery smoke gratification flattering snow job fulsomeness flummery jive sycophancy obsequiousness hokum truckling unctuousness bootlicking honeyed words pretty speech soft-soap toadyism sell pull conversion potency force power cogency brainwashing persuasiveness exhortation hook alignment squeeze alluring hard sell promote goose arm-twist winning over working over allurement tantalizing conference dialogue wheedle conversation parley babble discussion gab chitchat clack blab chatter debate fluid soap semifluid soap fair words insincere flattery nobbling smooth talk sweet nothings blandishments sweet words
Cajolery antonyms
disapproval disregard silence censure veto refusal disrespect disfavor ignorance condemnation dislike denunciation insult libel slander blame criticism opposition neglect complaint repulsion disgust dissuasion belittlement castigation offense disability ineffectiveness weakness incompetence hindrance prevention atheism disbelief impotence discouragement quiet 
Usage of Cajolery in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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