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Call in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Call in 
Usage of Call in: 1: Yes, they had to call in a specialist . 2: Making a port call in 3: Put something in doubt, call in question, challenge the certainty in 4: REQUIRE still means in terms of Jurisprudence, Lier someone with an act, by which we can call in Justice if it does not run the thing to which he pledged 5: They call in terms of chemistry, lead sulfide 6: to call in Roman
Call in ki paribhasha : kisi ko bolane men pravratt karana

Call in synonyms
huddle consider deliberate review negotiate brainstorm examine interview respect argue discuss confab flap commune regard question interrogate powwow treat cogitate parlay debate confabulate turn to collogue ask advice of be closeted with compare notes groupthink kick ideas around put heads together refer to seek advice seek opinion of take a meeting take account of take counsel talk over toss ideas around pick one's brains assemble gather open sit muster unite corral collect convoke congregate rally get together round up come together hold meeting scare up apply enforce initiate use implement effect resort to have recourse to suspend cancel dismiss withdraw annul revoke reverse disqualify abjure dismantle countermand nullify recant lift forswear retract discharge repeal rescind call back take back palinode unsay regain restore repay recoup reclaim ransom purchase retrieve exchange cover cash repossess settle defray recapture reinstate buy off get back take in pay off win back repurchase buy back cash in make good replevin replevy trade in invite request direct subpoena draft mobilize call for hail sign arouse enjoin beckon ring conjure beep toll cite petition bid signal motion command order draw on call forth call into action call together call upon send for
Call in antonyms
ignore reply neglect answer disperse scatter adjourn call off dissemble divide separate cancel permit validate enforce sanction emphasize allow keep approve pass forget restore forfeit disregard lose hold abandon calm stop free dismiss send away 
Usage of Call in in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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