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Calm meaning in hindi

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As noun : अकामहत अकूज अक्षीब अचंचलता अड़िग अड़ोल अतप अतापी अतिकोप अनिंगित अनिर्वात अनुद्धत अनुद्धर्ष अनौद्धत्य अयुव अरोर अविवादी इस्तिहकाम गुप चित्तनिर्वृति चुप करना ठंडा करना ठहराव ठेर ढाढस बँधाना तशखींश तसल्ली देना थापणि थीती थैरज थ्यावस दारमदार दिलासा देना धीमा करना धीमाएना ध्रुवका निभृत निरिग निरुस्तुक निरूपद्रवी निर्वात निर्वृति निश्चल निश्चलता नैश्चल्य परथिर प्रबोधना प्रशांत मंडल प्रशांति प्रशान्त मंडल प्रशान्त प्रश्रयो बुझरिया मल्हराना रफा दफा विक्रोध विरामण व्युपरत व्य़ुपरम शं शमधर शमप्रधान शां शांत करना शांत वायु शांत होना शांत शांतता शांतमय शांति शान्ती शि शीतीभाव संप्रसाद सन्नाटा साँत साँती साति सामाधान सितलाय सियरी सीनासाफ सीरापु सुकून सुचित्त सुन मान स्तिमित स्तिमितत्व स्तैमित्य स्थाम स्थास्नुता स्थिरता स्थेमा हाल्ट
Usage of Calm: 1: Ram had the innate qualities of being calm all the time. 2: the situation is relatively calm now 3: After the bomb explosion there is an edgy calm in the capital. 4: The convent is a calm cloister. 5: The situation calls for calm discussion not for sabre ratting. 6: This place is so calm that you can even hear the flutter of wings of the birds. 7: I like the calm of midnight. 8: Now let's be calm and try to reason this out . 9: The mixing of blue with yellow gives the total immobility and the calm 10: "Gabe" can receive memories from Jonas, which he uses to help calm the baby.
Calm ki paribhasha : jyotish men vrash sinha, vrashchik aur kunbh ye chaar raashiyaaan, jo sthir maani gai hain man ki vah uttam tatha priy anubhooti jisake dvaara anubhav karanevaale ka vishesh samaadhaan aur sntosh hota hai aur jisake baraabar bane rahane ki vah kaamana karata hai kisi prakaar ki gita, halachal ya upadrav ka na hona hava ke jor se chalane ki aavaaj adhik nahin aadi arthon ka soochak avyay jo jara bhi na hile dule

Calm synonyms
serene slow smooth soothing mild harmonious placid tranquil low-key pastoral bucolic hushed pacific halcyon still bland breathless inactive motionless quiescent restful rural undisturbed unruffled breezeless reposing at a standstill at peace in order reposeful stormless waveless windless levelheaded temperate unflappable impassive relaxed gentle sedate laid-back aloof amiable moderate amicable kind patient satisfied neutral detached collected pleased civil disinterested dispassionate equable imperturbable inscrutable listless self-possessed unconcerned unemotional unmoved untroubled cool-headed poised cool as cucumber unexcitable unexcited unimpressed peace of mind tranquility patience stillness calmness serenity restraint silence lull doldrums peacefulness stoicism impassivity placidity imperturbation mitigate placate appease assuage relieve steady soothe settle alleviate pacify mollify allay balm tranquilize soft-pedal stroke becalm quieten cool it cool out lay back simmer down take it easy take the edge off
Calm antonyms
agitated excited nervous fierce frenzied stormy angry excitable worried rough uncool harsh violent turbulent wild furious mad passionate roused ruffled upset immoderate excessive unfriendly biased unreasonable uncontrolled troubled disturbance noise agitation frustration clamor anger madness restlessness terror violence loudness wildness storminess turbulence incite increase intensify worsen worry disquiet distract inflame outrage aggravate irritate provoke 
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb, adjective or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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