Cancel meaning in hindi | Cancel ka matlab 

Cancel meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cancel 
Usage of Cancel: 1: It's too late to cancel out . 2: We had to cancel them out . 3: The exceptions are when the agent forgets or neglects to cancel the mailpiece 4: Abolish cancel 5: Action to cancel 6: Break, cancel a contract 7: Break, cancel an act by an act contrary 8: by the combination of an acid and a base, some properties cancel each other 9: In terms of Legislation and Administration, it means revoke, rescind, cancel 10: It means even pull one or more pen strokes written in any , to show that we ought not to have regard for the strike, cancel
Cancel ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ka chhilaka ya chhaal utaarana ek vastu ko doosari vastu par rakhakar khoob dabaate hooe idhar udhar phiraana kisi dhaaradaar chij ki daab ya ragad se do tukade karana

Cancel synonyms
wipe out annul revoke remove abolish cut break off abort kill eliminate destroy repeal rescind trim deface obliterate repudiate ax abrogate total zap quash trash efface scrub squash undo countermand sink smash expunge omit delete eradicate black out do away with do in rub out strike out torpedo x-out blot out cross out finish off render invalid scratch out stamp across wash out wipe slate clean go back on one's word rule out invalidate neutralize vacate redress negate counteract refute overthrow retract counterpoise suppress void frustrate nullify redeem counterbalance offset discharge recall ignore discard recant countercheck balance out compensate for declare invalid make up for put an end to render inert render null and void set aside
Cancel antonyms
create validate ratify sanction mend construct institute aid assist permit fasten uphold build keep restore approve give birth continue enact begin start lose fix establish support help allow strengthen bear add arrange imbalance tip emphasize encourage 
Usage of Cancel in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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