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As noun : अंगसंग Ex:  Church priests have the chance of pluralism. अकस्मात होना Ex:  `We have a good chance of winning, he exclaimed optimistically अचिंतनीय Ex:  VVS Laxman got a chance to prove his batting skills in the triangular-series
cricket matches.
अचिंतित Ex:  Steffi has an outside chance of returning to competitive tennis. अचींतिया Ex:  I missed a golden chance of meeting Bill Gates when he visited India. अपरापत Ex:  This leader has only a fighting chance of success in the election. अप्रकरण Ex:  There is still a chance to negotiate. अवकास Ex:  he did not have a chance to grow up graciously अवसर Ex:  Although he had no chance of survival after the accident but he struggled out of it. उ:   एक बार अवसर खो देने पर दुबारा नहीं आता। आकस्मिक Ex:  Sieze the chance to make some money. उ:   जब वह केवल १३ वर्ष की थीं, तब उनकी मां का आकस्मिक निधन हो गया। आबखुर्द Ex:  I had a chance to do it, but I blew it . आरिजी Ex:  I will call in whenever I have a chance . इत्तिफाक Ex:  Drop me a note when you get a chance . इहतियाज Ex:  Okay, this is my last chance . उत्क Ex:  I'll fix this fence the first chance I get . उफताद Ex:  I will ring her up when I get a chance . कालयोग Ex:  Everyone who gets the chance should go abroad . खतरा उठाना Ex:  I didn't get much chance to see the city . खतरा उठानाना Ex:  Please write back to me when you have a chance . घाएँ Ex:  Spontaneity and chance are causes of effects. जोखिम उठाना Ex:  If there was ever a chance of reuniting the eastern and western churches टिकेट Ex:  Opposition parties are allowed but have no real chance of gaining power . दाँव पर रखना Ex:  Irish Americans have a 1 in 50 chance of a person being a carrier. दाँव पर लगाना Ex:  Geneva also offers visitors the chance to sample food from around the world. दैवगति Ex:  He had believed there was only a 50 percent chance of landing on the moon. दैवत्त Ex:  Wills did not get a second chance to meet Lenglen. दैवयोग Ex:  There was a chance of transfer error ध्रुति Ex:  Due to these chance encounters परारबध, पराब्ध ‡ Ex:  Although the KLA had little chance of destroying the tanks परालब्धि Ex:  After being offered a chance to clear things out in Ostend परिस्थिति Ex:  Acquiring by his work, by its own initiative or because the circumstances of chance उ:   और उसने परिस्थिति से लाभ उठाकर राजसत्ता पर अधिपत्य कायम कर लिया। पूर्वनिरूपण Ex:  By a singular chance प्रत्यासंग Ex:  By chance बरिया Ex:  Danger can, dangerous chance बीचु् Ex:  Do not give anything to chance भंदिल Ex:  Having the beautiful part, have much chance of winning भटभेरापु Ex:  He also said, figuratively, the announcement of a future event, made by guesswork or chance भागि Ex:  He ran chance of his person, his life, his honor भाग्य Ex:  He said of the effect of destiny, chance encounter good or bad events उ:   भाग्य और संयोग, महत्वपूर्ण पार्ट अदा करते है। मोसर ‡ Ex:  I bless the chance which made me meet you मौका Ex:  In terms of racing, the favorite horse, one who is said to have the best chance of winning उ:   ऐसा न कर पाने पर दूसरे दल के सदस्यों को मौका मिलता है। संभावना Ex:  It happened by chance उ:   जटिलताओं की संभावना कम होती है। संभाविअता Ex:  It is sometimes said absolutely speaking of Habit of playing games of chance or trade, and usually takes unfavorably संयोग से होना Ex:  It is used figuratively and it means having every chance for himself संयोग Ex:  It says yet Some ways to play and some chance of the game उ:   संयोग से जाति को कर्मवाद का आधार भी मिल गया। संसंग Ex:  Let everything go in confusion, abandon the care of chance his property, his business or those which we are responsible, as if in despair सकृद्गति Ex:  Merchandise meeting, Celle found by chance to buy, that we buy used and cheap समापत्ति Ex:  RECEIVE says, speaking of the same aches that come from what suffers, what we experience untoward, either by chance or by the will of others समापत्ति Ex:  RECEIVE says, speaking of the same aches that come from what suffers, what we experience untoward, either by chance or by the will of others समावी Ex:  Risking the chance a company समै, समैया, समो Ex:  Running chance to सयोग Ex:  SORT still means the Way to decide something by chance सांभवी Ex:  Stumbling block, Any chance of failing हठिक Ex:  The chance of the game
As verb : संयोगवश हो जाना Ex:  Leave nothing to chance
Other : इत्तफ़ाक़ Ex:  Fat chance he has of getting a promotion . काकतालीय Ex:  Come on, take a chance . खतरा Ex:  Vessels with no class have basically no chance at being insured. उ:   वर्तमान समय में इस पौधे पर लुप्त होने का खतरा है। चांस Ex:  Games of chance include gambling games डौल Ex:  On the other hand, marriage offered the chance of an heir. दाव Ex:  When offered a chance to run for New York Assemblyman in 1881 उ:   २००५ में कपिल देव ने जिकौम इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स में ५% दाव लिया। दैय Ex:  Adams did not get the chance to play at Wembley Stadium दैवयोग संयोग Ex:  Epirus and Nicaea stood the best chance of reclaiming Constantinople. दैवयोग्य Ex:  I'll give the other side every chance of reconsidering a decision arrived at मौक़ा मिलना Ex:  I met him fortune, By chance the bad fortune continued मौक़ा Ex:  I take chance on me उ:   यह मौक़ा बेंगाल वालो ने खो दिया है । संभवना Ex:  It also tells of some general reflections that develops in chance to particular subjects उ:   यहां कृषि उद्योगों की संभवना काफी ज्यादा है। संयोगवश घटित होना Ex:  It was not until a chance सम्भावना Ex:  Running of opportunity, the chance to उ:   किसी घटना के होने की सम्भावना को प्रायिकता या संभाव्यता कहते हैं। सांयोगिक Ex:  Surprise someone's secret Discover its secret by skill or by chance सिप्पा Ex:  The chance is that the effect causes unnoticed
Chance ki paribhasha : abhipraayasaadhan ka maarg tin prakaar ke karmo men se vah jisaka phalabhog aarnbh ho chuka ho jisake hone ka pahale se anumaan na ho ek alnkaar jisamen kisi ek baat ke hone par doosari baat ka hona nirbhar kaha jaata hai vah sthaan jahaaan koi ghatana ghatit ho vah avashynbhaavi daivi vidhaan jisake anusaar pratyek padaarth aur visheshataः manushy ke sab kaarya— unnati, avanati naash aadi pahale hi se nishchit rahate hain aur jisase anyatha aur kuchh ho hi nahin sakata
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