Charitably meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Charitably
As adverb : अनुग्रह से Ex:  Attend, charitably consoled the poor उदारता से Ex:  It still means Receive humanely and charitably in so those who are in need कृपा पूर्वक Ex:  Tell charitably दयालुता या उदारता से दानशीलता से
Charitably synonyms
equally honorably rightly rightfully reasonably accurately duly properly honestly correctly legally candidly frankly helpfully moderately nicely well equitably legitimately lawfully decently impartially befittingly beneficently benevolently benignly decorously duteously dutifully evenhandedly fitly piously respectably righteously straightforwardly temperately tolerantly unreservedly uprightly virtuously delicately politely tenderly sympathetically agreeably carefully cordially courteously graciously genially affectionately thoughtfully compassionately considerately good-naturedly heedfully humanely solicitously understandingly handsomely freely lavishly abundantly amply profusely liberally munificently bountifully copiously openhandedly prodigally unsparingly unstintingly warmly majestically nobly enthusiastically wholeheartedly unselfishly altruistically bigheartedly chivalrously magnanimously ungrudgingly
Charitably antonyms
unfairly unjustly wrongly inconsiderately unkindly disagreeably poorly selfishly grudgingly sparingly stingily coldly heartlessly
Usage of Charitably in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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