Cheap meaning in hindi | Cheap ka matlab 

Cheap meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cheap 
Usage of Cheap: 1: it would have been cheap at twice the price 2: Bananas are available at cheap rates in this season. 3: the cheap clock ticked stridently 4: The boys guzzled the cheap vodka 5: He bought a cheap bauble for the baby. 6: In Italy, the peaches are dirt cheap . 7: Don't load up with cheap souvenirs . 8: His father bought him a cheap printing press 9: In cheap pianos, the soundboard is often made of plywood. 10: A cheap alternative are the marshrutki
Cheap ki paribhasha : bhaav prakaash ke anusaar vah pradesh jahaaan jngal adhik hon, paani adhik ho, rog adhik hon aur jaad tatha garami bhi adhik padti ho vah kaam jo keval kuchh bhatta khaane— pine ka kharch maatr dene se ho jaay jisaki daara ya patni bhali aur anagaman karanevaali ho chhota ya benaap ka kapad jisaka mooly saadhaaran se kuchh kam ho

Cheap synonyms
low-cost reasonable low-priced competitive economical bargain budget buy dime a dozen irregular moderate nominal reduced sale standard steal utility at a bargain bargain-basement bargain-counter bought for a song cheapo cost next to nothing cut-price cut-rate depreciated easy on the pocketbook half-priced low tariff lowered marked down on sale popularly priced real buy slashed uncostly undear worth the money poor bad bogus cheesy common commonplace crappy dud flashy garbage garish lousy mangy mean mediocre meretricious ordinary paltry ratty raunchy rotten second-rate shoddy sleazy small-time tawdry terrible trashy trumpery two-bit valueless white elephant worthless tatty catchpenny cruddy glitzy junky no bargain no good rinky-dink rubbishy scroungy dirty abject beggarly contemptible despicable dishonest shabby sordid sorry vile pitiable scurvy tight miserly penny-pinching stingy thrifty mingy tight-wad
Cheap antonyms
expensive excellent valuable worthy unreasonable costly dear noble precious priceless superior sophisticated upper 
Usage of Cheap in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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