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Clean up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Clean up 
Usage of Clean up: 1: You can clean up quickly if you use a vaccum cleaner . 2: I will stay after the others and clean up .
Clean up ki paribhasha : RRin ka daam de dalana maila, kooda, karakat aadi hataane ki kriya

Clean up synonyms
compile acquire swell rack up assemble add to accrue increase collect concentrate gain hoard grow expand incorporate cache gather procure unite agglomerate amalgamate stockpile lump heap aggregate store collocate round up pile up bring together draw together heap together load up make a bundle make a killing roll up scare up stack up store up garner corral lay up make a pile cram go over renovate reread retouch review study touch up look over polish up read up relearn refresh one's memory blacklist excise edit suppress withhold restrict sanitize abridge black out control examine cut repress sterilize restrain inspect launder cork squelch decontaminate bleach revile conceal purify purge oversee bowdlerize criticize narrow strike out bleep blue-pencil drop the iron curtain exscind prevent publication put the lid on refuse transmission scissor out supervise communications receive secure glean obtain reap realize pick up terminate polish off perfect accomplish end complete effectuate conclude perform clinch crown sign can compass wrap close come halt carry out come through drop curtain knock off put away ultimate wrap up button down call a day fold up get it together go the distance mop up put finishing touch on put lid on put to bed sew up take care of top it off repair upgrade amend redress regulate alter improve scrub help doctor reorganize better emend reclaim reconstruct debug ameliorate remodel change fix up straighten out clean up act do over fiddle with get with it make over make right make up for pay dues put in order set right set straight shape up turn around wipe out annul expunge omit eliminate destroy exclude cut out efface trim obliterate squash snip cancel rub out rule out cross out x-out blot out pass up bring in derive score gross pull sock snag attain cop wrangle hustle pull down be gainfully employed be in line for bring home bring home the bacon bring home the groceries make fast buck make it big scrape together pay one's dues screen lustrate cleanse blip bleep out blue pencil land have grab elicit parlay extract capture wangle access educe annex snowball extort inherit bag evoke fetch build up buy off chalk up come by buy into buy out cash in on get hands on lock up make a buy snap up succeed to authorize decriminalize codify constitute permit approve enact legislate decree license formulate ordain legitimate sanction harvest take in bring home bacon contribute prosper take advantage of thrive promote serve utilize avail benefit aid recover exploit pay off be of advantage capitalize on learn from make a haul make capital make good use of make money make the most of put to good use reap the benefit stand in good stead turn to advantage work for comb scour rummage search hunt grub scrutinize scan scratch smooth sweep remove graze ransack rasp harrow break up clear up weed enfilade fine-comb fine-tooth-comb adjust square dial back put right recalibrate straighten up turn things around restore resolve standardize revolutionize transform rehabilitate rebuild rearrange convert regenerate renew rework redeem uplift remake refashion reconstitute bring up to code go straight make amends swear off turn over a new leaf change one's ways clean up one's act overhaul redo update revamp recondition modernize rejuvenate spruce do up refit retread gussy up reequip set to rights mitigate assuage relieve alleviate attend heal soothe treat palliate square up repay yield pay dividend show profit tighten reexamine rewrite develop modify compare reconsider rehash run through recast redraft redraw restyle vindicate reward patch recompense balance compensate for do justice put in place set upright sort out negotiate determine decide work out establish achieve concert figure seal reconcile adjudicate confirm verify dispose mediate choose satisfy cinch judge discharge appoint nail down put an end to call the shots come to a conclusion come to a decision come to an agreement form judgment make a decision make certain put into order shock disturb agitate clear out liquidate mix overturn break with past cause revolution churn up clean out make a clean sweep stir up turn upside down invalidate vacate abrogate dissolve rescind gut abnegate declare null and void take out drench moisten hose soak float shower douse wet rinse shine bubble immerse swab lap bath sponge dip slosh soap imbue wash up starch shampoo tub do the dishes do the laundry fresh up freshen up take a bath take a shower end up finalize finish up be through with bring to a close close down come to the end tie up loose ends break the bank hit the mark strike it rich coin money get rich have the golden touch make a fortune make a mint make a wad feather one's nest fill one's pockets have one's ship come in put money in one's pocket bathe facilitate reduce clarify shorten cut down disinvolve chasten disentangle explain elucidate decipher analyze interpret lay out spell out streamline unscramble boil down break down break it down clean it up cut the frills draw a picture get down to basics get to the meat hit the high spots let daylight in let sunlight in make clear make perfectly clear make plain put in a nutshell put one straight
Clean up antonyms
disperse scatter forfeit decrease lessen dwindle squander separate lose contract shrink divide diminish spend waste dissipate disburse dole forget release enlarge ignore praise permit dirty sanction add put in let go expand neglect approve allow endorse dissuade clutter condemn sentence fail discourage plant pile up find guilty hit run into commence give up begin start stop continue not finish damage destroy injure ruin remain worsen harm weaken blunder goof mistake pamper pet break hurt maintain depress blow coddle indulge spoil be permissive create construct include welcome build keep restore accept surrender give in pass yield cost throw away open disallow refuse reject avoid repress relinquish overtake overthrow misconstrue misunderstand calm soothe push repel repulse offer drop abandon free depart leave mismanage please deny disorganize prohibit veto raze prevent demote renounce refute measure crush halt calculate gross deteriorate block hinder obstruct decline distribute corrupt upset waver impair kill antique increase intensify aggravate stay get sick request ask punish wrong confuse move unsettle hesitate owe disprove invalidate disarrange disorder derange mix up worry disagree disturb trouble placate dry dehydrate introduce disapprove grow mystify obscure complicate make difficult be vague 
Usage of Clean up in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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