Combat meaning in hindi | Combat ka matlab 

Combat meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Combat 
Usage of Combat: 1: in all armies there were officers who needed to prove their bravery by single combat 2: fearlessly, he led the troops into combat 3: To combat subversive acts in these regions 4: To combat what it saw as a coming crisis 5: 1863 while uncrewed and under tow to its first combat deployment at Charleston. 6: He sought to bring combat to a swift and bloody decision 7: It has been employed in a few examples of combat aircraft 8: In wars, many men die in combat as soldiers. 9: After six months of combat against the Germans 10: When engaged in feline-to-feline combat for self-defense
Combat ki paribhasha : ek chij ka doosari chij ke saath ragad khaana kisi doosari vastu ke saath atynt bhinnata aaghaat karanevaale shatru par aaghaat karane ka vyaapaar karana gherane ya aavrat karanevaala aaghaat karanevaale shatru par aaghaat karane ki kriya

Combat synonyms
warfare contest fray engagement encounter action struggle skirmish conflict jackpot flap service run-in affray brush mix-up battle royal shoot-out brush-off withstand cope resist repel oppose contend buck duel clash defy traverse strive dispute cross swords with do battle with go up against put up a fight shoot it out
Combat antonyms
calm surrender accord compromise truce harmony peace agreement retreat give in yield support give up make peace run 
Usage of Combat in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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