Comfortable meaning in hindi | Comfortable ka matlab 

Comfortable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Comfortable 
Usage of Comfortable: 1: To make a comfortable profit margin. 2: It is realy comfortable to sit on a sun lounger at the beach. 3: I reserved an upper birht totravel comfortable in the train. 4: the queens condescension was intended to make us feel comfortable 5: It is not comfortable to wear close-fitting clothes in summer. 6: I made a comfortable pose for the camera. 7: One feel comfortable in shorts while playing. 8: slip into something more comfortable after work 9: The visitors were made comfortable in the drawing room 10: He is comfortable when he speaks in his mother tongue.
Comfortable ki paribhasha : jo kisi doosare ke niyntran men na ho aur apani hi inchha ke anusaar sab kaary kare adhik nahin aadi arthon ka soochak avyay yathesht hone ka bhaav sngit men ek prakaar ka taal jise kisi prakaar ka kasht na ho, sab prakaar ka sukh ho sukhad ya halake haathavaala

Comfortable synonyms
complacent enjoyable serene satisfying useful cozy healthy convenient relaxed loose pleasant appropriate snug easy soft pleased warm happy agreeable cheerful contented delightful hale hearty protected relieved rested restful restored satisfactory sheltered untroubled well-off gratified at rest cared for enjoying loose-fitting made well relaxing snug as a bug in a rug soothed strengthened prosperous ample enough substantial sufficient suitable well-heeled well-to-do cushy roomy spacious rich luxurious commodious palatial
Comfortable antonyms
dissatisfied unpleasant unsuited unfriendly discontented hopeless upset destitute needy pitiable wretched disagreeable unhappy troubled uncomfortable strict cold cool hard miserable neglected poor cramped 
Usage of Comfortable in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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