Committal meaning in hindi | Committal ka matlab 

Committal meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Committal 
Committal synonyms
bondage imprisonment slavery incarceration confinement custody enthrallment duress thralldom constraint restraint jail enslavement entombment servitude limbo serfdom subjection vassalage impoundment internment durance tax concern safekeeping task weight office onus right responsibility millstone trust ward care deadweight ought pledge engagement promise guarantee word undertaking liability vow devoir distribution assignment dispatch transmittal relegation sending shipment appointment reference investiture ordination conveyance mandate installation nomination deputation authorization referring transferal conveying transference devolution apportioning commissioning consigning deputization deputizing entrustment giving over sending away submittal submitting transferring function chore business service work contract job role burden load province string calling hook part station trouble dues occupation pains minding the store taking care of business precondition requisite prerequisite requirement necessary imperative fundamental sine qua non use wish demand urgency longing exigency extremity weakness occasion compulsion essential desideratum the urge accountability necessity understanding agreement debt conscience iou debit chit place cause accountableness due bill
Committal antonyms
liberty liberation independence freedom license disregard distrust exculpation freeing irresponsibility benefit exoneration retreat denial refusal break breach broken promise holding keeping retention entertainment fun pastime aid advantage surrender hobby faithlessness treachery unemployment blessing help inconstancy luxury riches wealth plenty nonessential have comfort fortune disbelief asset misunderstanding disagreement 
Usage of Committal in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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