Compass meaning in hindi | Compass ka matlab 

Compass meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Compass 
Usage of Compass: 1: The needle of the compass always points to the north. 2: A compass helps in navigation. 3: within the compass of education 4: The Maya world-view recognized the four primary compass directions 5: Roads in Beijing often are in one of the four compass directions . 6: The direction can be obtained from the orientation of a compass needle. 7: angular amount between two thirty-two compass wind areas 8: Be my compass 9: By analogy, in terms of Blason, he told an assembly of two flat pieces shaped compass half opened with the point facing up the shield 10: Compass Rose, Figure reach on the dial of the compass and where are marked thirty-two divisions designed to indicate wind area
Compass ki paribhasha : ek yntr jisase disha ka gyaan hota hai sab or se aabaddh karake mndl ya sima ke andar laana kisi tal ke sab or ke baahari kinaare taraaj ki dndi ka mud hua sira jisamen palade ki rassi bndhi rahati hai vratt ya golaayi khinchane ka aujaar jo pichhale siron par paraspar judi hui do shaalakaao ke roop ka hota hai kisi sthaan tak apane ko le jaane ki kriya ya shakti kisi pradesh ya vastu ke vistaar ka antim sthaan

Compass synonyms
purview domain restriction sphere radius circumscription enclosure ambit realm zone area stretch field sweep scope circle perimeter environs reach limitation expanse extent precinct confines circumference orbit range circuit round purlieus encircle besiege girdle encompass beset blockade surround circumscribe ring hem in execute accomplish secure annex perform win procure effect obtain land attain have fulfill realize gain bring about
Compass antonyms
inside interior middle infinity freedom release open let go fail lose ignore forfeit abandon forget miss neglect give up 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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