Completion meaning in hindi | Completion ka matlab 

Completion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Completion 
Usage of Completion: 1: The whole office was working flat out to meet the deadline of completion of the project. 2: Her work is still far from completion 3: Since the Star and Garter's completion 4: On its completion it was New Zealand's largest building. 5: By the time the plan had come to completion 6: Several weeks after the completion of the recording sessions 7: On completion of the fifth terminal 8: Other events after Adams' death included the completion of Shada 9: Since the completion of the dams 10: With the successful completion of the second manned mission
Completion ki paribhasha : hath yog ke anusaar naad ki chaar prakaar ki avasthaaun men se aantim avastha sntushti denevaala kisi aarnbh kiye hue kaary ki samaapti kisi kaary ya baat aadi ka ant hona

Usage of Completion in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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