Complication meaning in hindi | Complication ka matlab 

Complication meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Complication 
Usage of Complication: 1: her coming was a serious complication 2: Antenatal complication can affect a babys health. 3: After a forged-letter complication 4: If when a complication occurs, let me come 5: intercurrent illness, disease or complication occurring during another disease 6: It is, by extension, a room for fun and is characterized by processes such as the complication of the plot and the use of misunderstanding 7: It means figuratively Grand embarrassment, a business complication confused 8: There are in this tragedy excessive complication of adventures, incidents 9: This machine is a complication that makes the very dangerous use 10: It a complication of diseases that having gout and stone
Complication ki paribhasha : kisi shalok ya chhnd aadi ka vah antim pad ya tukad jo poora shlok ya chhnd vanaane ke liye taiyaar karake doosaron ko diya jaata hai aur jis ke aadhaar par poora shlok ya chhnd banaaya jaata hai

Complication synonyms
confusion snag difficulty complexity obstacle problem development web dilemma embarrassment intricacy aggravation drawback factor entanglement
Complication antonyms
clarity calm advantage simplicity ease peace 
Usage of Complication in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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