Concerning meaning in hindi | Concerning ka matlab 

Concerning meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Concerning 
Usage of Concerning: 1: The Board expressed doubts concerning the bowlers bowlng action. 2: Selecting committee predisposed ram without concerning his biodata. 3: Runoff is especially concerning in the region south of Cairns 4: There are many philosophical issues concerning the existence of God. 5: There is one volume of Aristotle's concerning logic not found in the Organon 6: Lord voices a number of reservations concerning this story, however. 7: The myths concerning the role of shaman had several variants 8: However, debates in Congress have been raised concerning this decision. 9: Vittorio Dabormida, and Giuseppe Ellena, concerning their next steps. 10: Biographical information concerning Jane Austen is "famously scarce"
Concerning ki paribhasha : ek hi prakaar ki kai vastuon men agal agal ek ek vastu karm aur snpradaan ka vibhakti pratyay

Concerning synonyms
respecting regarding touching about apropos of anent as regards germane to in regard to in the matter of pertaining to relating to relevant to with reference to with regard to 
Usage of Concerning in sentences

The word is used as preposition in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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