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Conclude meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Conclude 
Usage of Conclude: 1: This led Thomson to conclude that they were universal among all materials. 2: Diverse studies conclude there are no adverse effects in human growth 3: The detectives conclude that 4: While some historians conclude that 5: Gibraltar and Spain conclude talks in Córdoba 6: Fraser and Navarro conclude 7: By bringing all this evidence, all these facts, we conclude that 8: Finally, in summary, to conclude 9: From there, I conclude 10: It should Point conclude from particulars to generals

Conclude synonyms
complete terminate wind up wrap up close achieve halt stop clinch crown desist cease cinch consummate close out knock off round off ultimate bring down curtain call it a day draw to close put the lid on put to bed top off make derive ratiocinate figure collect reckon analyze gather intuit assume reason suppose presume judge adjudge infer surmise add up to make out sum up be afraid boil down to have a hunch the way one sees it accomplish confirm establish rule determine work out carry out fix effect bring about pull off
Conclude antonyms
commence preface unsettle begin start open continue go keep on introduce disperse scatter disbelieve misunderstand distribute divide hesitate destroy disprove invalidate ignore fail miss neglect forget not finish 
Usage of Conclude in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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