Concrete meaning in hindi | Concrete ka matlab 

Concrete meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Concrete 
Usage of Concrete: 1: the hardening of concrete 2: Trees,books etc are concrete things. 3: he reinforced the concrete 4: The police couldnt solve the case due to the lack of concrete evidence. 5: The building is notable for its use of poured concrete 6: These facilities almost always had concrete floors. 7: A few lowrise concrete buildings were erected 8: Since a design has to be concrete 9: The project used of concrete 10: Before any concrete planning to regain solvency could be undertaken
Concrete ki paribhasha : prathvi ke kade star ka pind ya khnd chooana jisamen kisi chij ke choone yogy chhed ya daraj ho ek masaala jo gach pitane ke samay chhat par dala jaata hai jaisa thik hona chaahie, vaisa ek prakaar ki machhali jo dakshin bhaarat aur lnka ke jalaashayon men paayi jaati hai ishvar ka vah roop jo aakaar yukt ho

Concrete synonyms
detailed real solid material specific particular objective accurate corporeal definite explicit precise sensible substantial tangible firm compact indurate set petrified dried monolithic strong unyielding caked solidified consolidated conglomerated poured calcified congealed cemented steeled compressed precast set in stone
Concrete antonyms
unimportant indefinite abstract intangible bending pliable general ideal immaterial flexible loose slack soft 
Usage of Concrete in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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