Condemned meaning in hindi | Condemned ka matlab 

Condemned meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Condemned 
Usage of Condemned: 1: The repressive measures of the police were condemned by the public. 2: Reprieve a condemned prisoner. 3: they condemned him without a hearing 4: Pius XII condemned the "ever-increasing host of Christ's enemies" 5: Pope Pius XII condemned forced conversions. 6: Pro-life groups have frequently condemned Sanger's views 7: However, only Israel was formally condemned by the UN Security Council. 8: Owen responded in April in a review which condemned the book. 9: In recent years, Western governments have condemned Mugabe's government. 10: Arafat condemned Zionism but said
Condemned ki paribhasha : jisake paas karane ke liye koi kaam na ho tntr ke anusaar vah mntr jisake madhy men dakaar ho aur mastak par do kavach aur astr hon

Usage of Condemned in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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