Conquer meaning in hindi | Conquer ka matlab 

Conquer meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Conquer 
Usage of Conquer: 1: looking afield for new lands to conquer 2: The Arabs tried to conquer the area in the 7th century 3: Later they also helped to conquer Sintra 4: Francis failed to conquer Milan 5: Genghis Khan planned again to conquer the Jin Dynasty. 6: Genghis Khan did not conquer all of the areas of Mongol Empire. 7: The British attempted again to conquer the island 8: These empires launched several attempts to conquer the steppe people 9: Alexander continued on to conquer all the headwaters of the Indus River.
Conquer ki paribhasha : yuddh men pratidbndbi ko hataana yuddh ya ladai men vipakshi ke viruddh saphalata praapt karana

Conquer synonyms
subdue rout crush quell overthrow surmount vanquish subjugate control lick thwart reduce total prevail zap cream circumvent overpower outwit master whip checkmate override trash humble beat frustrate succeed worst discomfit drub foil clobber triumph shut down overmaster bring to knees get the better of trample underfoot wipe off map seize annex occupy overrun achieve acquire best
Conquer antonyms
release surrender give in relinquish aid assist capitulate retreat succumb forfeit win lose yield encourage help fail give up 
Usage of Conquer in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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