Consortium meaning in hindi | Consortium ka matlab 

Consortium meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Consortium 
Usage of Consortium: 1: A consortium of three Sydney businesses offered an alternative. 2: 2007. The arena was designed by a consortium of local architects
Consortium ki paribhasha : saath milakar kaam karana praachin bhaarat ka ek prakaar ka prajaatntr raajy jisamen shaasanaadhikaar praja dvaara chune hue pratinidhiyon ke haath men hota tha

Consortium synonyms
corporation conglomerate gang syndicate mob ring crowd chain outfit crew combine trust pool bunch multinational holding company megacorp plunderbund merger partnership consolidation set cabal connection clique bloc affiliation conjunction conspiracy mafia union cahoots party circle confederacy tie-up federation coterie faction club compound unification guild hookup coalition confederation camarilla merging coadunation melding mergence conference group society alliance unit compact sodality band circuit order loop wedding amalgamation wedlock nuptials matrimony sacrament link match espousal association coupling conjugality connubiality monogamy mating holy matrimony pledging tie that binds wedded bliss wedded state wedding bells wedding ceremony patent ownership proprietorship corner copyright oligopoly possessorship body business institute industry cooperative team establishment institution concord house profession trade concern machine squad lodge sorority aggregation troupe fraternity
Consortium antonyms
parting separation disunion severance division disconnection detachment dissolution antagonism divorce sharing distribution scattering joint-ownership individual discord entertainment fun disorganization unemployment 
Usage of Consortium in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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