Consume meaning in hindi | Consume ka matlab 

Consume meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Consume 
Usage of Consume: 1: While they generally do not consume it 2: It can consume large amounts of food at once 3: Jews consume unleavened bread called Matza during Passover. 4: Occasionally they have been known to consume humans and human corpses 5: Nine provinces and two cities consume the power from it, including Shanghai. 6: An adult elephant can consume 140–270 kg of food a day. 7: Smaller fish consume more oxygen per gram of body weight than larger fish. 8: Some tropical microbes can quickly consume acids 9: Cattle sometimes consume metal objects which are deposited in the reticulum 10: These seals consume over 63 million tonnes of krill each year.
Consume ki paribhasha : aalamaari, mej ya sndook aadi men chijen rakhane ke liye patariyon ya takhton ke dvaara kiya hua vibhaag kisi padaarth ko agni ke snyog se angaare ya lapat ke roop men kar dena

Consume synonyms
exhaust expend dominate eat up absorb preoccupy drain employ devour deplete waste spend obsess trifle finish squander lessen utilize engross lavish drivel dissipate go apply monopolize vanish go through put away run through throw away wear out fritter away avail oneself of finish up frivol away have recourse to profit by put to use run out of wash up feed inhale ingest guzzle swallow mow gulp snack swill punish nibble down wolf take ingurgitate partake gobble gorge scarf bolt meal polish off put down hoover chow down toss down stuff one's face devastate overwhelm ruin ravage demolish annihilate wreck suppress decay crush extinguish raze lay waste
Consume antonyms
create hoard accumulate store fast construct save fill appear collect gather neglect not use starve build nibble abstain release help repair encourage let go 
Usage of Consume in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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