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Content meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Content 
Usage of Content: 1: I have learned that whatever state I am, therewith to be content 2: Helping students to contextualize content 3: It also allows ISPs to prioritise and control certain web content types where dictacted by technical or economic reasons. 4: The form and structure of these replies are scored and not the content 5: Renaissance authors were not content to rest on the laurels of ancient authors 6: Insects have a higher protein content than meat 7: The alcohol content of beer varies by local practice or beer style. 8: Additional fermentable sugars are sometimes added to increase alcohol content 9: Je suis content de vous . 10: The Lacedaemonians were not content with simply sending aid to Sicily
Content ki paribhasha : ichchha poori hone se praapt shaanti aur aannd nyaayashaastraanusaar vaaky ka ek ansh ya bhed koi kahi hui baat maanane ko taiyaar saamaany logon dvaara bolane men suna gaya vah shabd jisaki vyutpatti vyaakaran ke niyamon se siddh na ho pedon ka vah bhaag jo prathvi ke niche rahata hai natthi ya taaga jisase bhinn bhinn vishayon ke taalapatr ya kaagaj alag alag bandhe hon jisaka mat doosare ke saath milata ho tusht tumhin men unhen dekhakar rahi, rahuangi

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The word can be used as noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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