Conversion meaning in hindi | Conversion ka matlab 

Conversion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Conversion 
Usage of Conversion: 1: Her conversion to christianity is critisized by everyone. 2: Certain conversion came with a series of sixth-century missions. 3: For communication purposes, a number of conversion applications were developed. 4: Another conversion project 5: Concepts of conversion 6: The conversion process is evaluated by an authority 7: Man in White, a book about Saul and his conversion to become the Apostle Paul. 8: A general conversion program is available at DNA Baser or Readseq . 9: Within weeks of his conversion 10: This was according to Ibn Ishaq influenced by the conversion of Sa'd ibn Muadh
Conversion ki paribhasha : hindi varnamaala ka pachisavaaan vynjan aur pa varg ka antim varn idhar ka udhar kiya hua dosh ya trutiyon ka door kiya jaana ek vastu lekar badale men doosari vastu dene ka vyavahaar jo kisi vastu ke badale men liya ya diya jaay

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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