Cordial meaning in hindi | Cordial ka matlab 

Cordial meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cordial 
Usage of Cordial: 1: Treaty helps two nations to have cordial relations. 2: They gave us a cordial reception. 3: Anacaona tried to maintain cordial relations with the Spaniards 4: Armenia maintains cordial relations with both countries. 5: India has maintained cordial relationships with most nations. 6: Mobutu also had a cordial relationship with Reagan's successor 7: His relationship with its members was cordial but never close. 8: Sierra Leone has maintained cordial relations with the West 9: Administer a sick cordial 10: cordial
Cordial ki paribhasha : vah chij jo pini ke kaam men aati ho bauddh bhikshu kau vah karm jisase dhan jan aadi ki vraddhi ho bilakul thik aur poora jo achchhi tarah dharm ka aacharan karata ho hraday se nikala hua mitrata ka vyavahaar

Cordial synonyms
sympathetic affectionate warmhearted welcoming cozy jovial earnest sincere polite hearty cheerful neighborly congenial heartfelt amicable gracious tender glowing social affable agreeable companionable convivial happy invigorating mellow palsy-walsy responsive wholehearted heart-to-heart buddy-buddy clubby red-carpet
Cordial antonyms
uncaring unconcerned unfeeling unsympathetic unfriendly unsociable insincere unkind aloof hostile indifferent inhospitable unpleasant cold cool disagreeable sad unhappy unenthusiastic rude uncordial 
Usage of Cordial in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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