Cost meaning in hindi | Cost ka matlab 

Cost meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cost 
Usage of Cost: 1: All of his plans fizzled out on hearing the cost of implementation. 2: the cost of utilities never decreases 3: The cost amounted to Rs.250. 4: These shoes cost $100 5: its not cost to write piano sonata. 6: Mary was going to get that job at any cost . 7: All those bells and whistles add to the cost . 8: The cost of coffee is going through the roof . 9: This one will cost twelve dollars more . 10: I will reimburse you for whatever it cost you .
Cost ki paribhasha : vah dhan jo kisi chij ke bikane par usake badalen men milata hai momabatti ka jalane se bacha hua tukad naav aadi se utarane ke liye kinaare ka sthaan kisi padaarth kaa, visheshataः dhan aadi kaa, is prakaar kaam men aana ki vah samaapt ho jaay kisi kaam men kisi vastu ka lagana vah kharch jo kisi chij ki taiyaari ya banaane men lage jad se ukhaadne yogy paise ka chaubisavaaan ya pachisavaaan bhaag ek sthaan se girakara, uchhalakar athava aur kisi prakaar doosare sthaan par pahuanchana ya sthit hona

Cost synonyms
worth outlay figure price tag rate value damage amount expenditure charge tariff payment disbursement tab bite setback nick score ticket nut toll line squeeze dues bad news bottom line arm and a leg bottom dollar top dollar loss forfeiture deprivation hurt suffering detriment injury require yield bring in take rap set back sell for come to amount to be asked be demanded be given be marked at be needed be paid be priced at be received be valued at be worth mount up move back sell at to the tune of lose expect infuriate obligate necessitate do disservice to
Cost antonyms
repayment retribution advantage aid health assistance gain benefit blessing good help disallow refuse reject lose 
Usage of Cost in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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