Cover up meaning in hindi | Cover up ka matlab 

Cover up meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Cover up 
Usage of Cover up: 1: He suborned his butler to cover up the murder of his wife 2: He always have an excuse ready to cover up his mistakes. 3: She could not cover up her misdeeds . 4: While thus sprinting, wolves can cover up to 5 meters per bound. 5: The boss of the company tries to cover up his own responsibilities    कंपनी के मालिक ने अपनी ज़िम्मेदारियों को छिपाने की कोशिश की
Cover up ki paribhasha : aisi sthiti men karana jisamen kisi ko dikhaayi na pade ya pata na chale

Cover up synonyms
conspiracy evasion complicity burial whitewash pretense masking dissimulation closeting disguising hush-up placing under wraps seal of secrecy smoke-screen veil of secrecy tighten tie fix secure nail down board up clamp down cut off darken faint erase pass out extinguish eclipse eradicate hold back keel over obfuscate quash rub out shade smother squash squelch swoon cross out delete cover go out like a light make dark zonk out repress check collar contain cork corner cramp curb enclose entrap restrain restrict box up bring to naught coop up hold down hold in keep back keep feeling inside oneself keep secret shut in plant entomb deposit enshrine embalm mummify lay out put away sepulcher sepulture consign to grave ensepulcher hold last rites for hold services for inearth inurn put six feet under hide stash occult cache enshroud ensconce stow away cloak dim dissimulate deceive becloud beard dress up befog throw on makeup chicanery scam trickery fraud swindle frame gyp sting hoax racket fake sell baloney rip-off imposture dodge double-dealing jazz flimflam wrong deceit stunt spoof hustle humbug artifice put-on bill of goods con game dirty pool hanky-panky shell game snow job bunco jive hoaxing cozening bamboozlement dirty trick fast one fast shuffle run around shady deal harbor lurk skulk sneak couch burrow duck ditch slink hole up keep dark lie low put in a hole stay out of sight tuck away coat blanket layer overcast mantle crown surface daub carpet overlay house curtain clothe envelop superimpose canopy enfold invest cap put on overspread superpose encase bush up do on the sly set on swerve avert veer ricochet hook bend slip pivot divert whip wheel whirl sheer fend shy curve diverge slew twist disperse sidetrack parry deviate glance off hold off keep off volte-face belie alter antique feign color redo counterfeit varnish fudge falsify muffle affect change assume pretend garble make up put on an act touch up gloss over doctor up make like put on a false front put on a front put up a front wear cheaters pussyfoot signify stonewall double-talk let on play possum doublespeak four-flush put up a smoke screen shuck and jive fence sidestep waffle elude evade escape prevaricate fib flip-flop tergiversate palter cavil hedge quibble eschew blow hot and cold cop out hem and haw pass the buck weasel cop a plea beat around the bush beg the question cloud the issue give run around mince words sit on the fence tell white lie tergiverse soft-pedal sugarcoat palliate rationalize extenuate deacon whiten explain veneer justify smooth over preserve patrol oversee defend observe escort supervise safeguard lookout shepherd mind police attend bulwark chaperon chaperone conduct superintend convoy save baby-sit look after shotgun keep an eye on keep in view keep under surveillance ride shotgun for see after burke lay to rest mislead pervert misstate string along misguide misdirect bait and switch disinform lead astray mousetrap put on false front put up smoke screen wrong steer adulterate angle build up confuse distort embellish embroider exaggerate mangle misinterpret overstate pirate promote puff skew slant stretch warp give snow job miscolor misreport overdraw phony up spread it on take out of context throw a curve trump up blind muddy overshadow block out blur murk mist bedim haze pettifog blear adumbrate gray fuzz gloom overcloud muddy the waters throw up smoke screen portray sketch depict tint design decorate dye brush delineate stipple compose outline figure picture ornament swab limn draft fresco slather catch a likeness put on coats slap on insulate conserve assure cushion support champion watch foster go to bat for sentinel care for cover all bases give refuge give sanctuary keep safe stand guard take under wing watch over obstruct seclude umbrage separate shutter shut out shut off wall off withhold paper finesse squirrel palm hide out keep quiet keep to oneself keep under wraps stash away sweep under rug surround lodge take in roof chamber ward haven take care of ward off give cover give shelter take under one's wing muzzle suffocate strangle silence asphyxiate stultify stagnate stop choke trammel kill spike gag shut up constipate torpedo bring to screeching halt choke back clam up crack down dry up hold it down put the lid on subdue quench censor abolish crush overthrow overcome snuff out stamp out quell put down annihilate shush overpower trample conquer interrupt crack down on put an end to beat down put kibosh on put lid on launder drape blarney cheese blow smoke hideaway covering privacy secretion obliteration red herring occultation laundromat fig leaf hide-out obscuration illusion ruse subterfuge stratagem gimmick story decoy feint bluff device snare wrinkle hogwash crock shift fallacy stall malarkey wile bilk confidence game mare's-nest pretension costume facade coloring pseudonym charade semblance pageant pretentiousness make-believe pen name faking get-up prevarication duplicity delusion casuistry spuriousness ambiguity song speciousness doubtfulness misrepresentation sophistry distortion lying double entendre double talk run-around song and dance equivocality deceptiveness amphibology fibbing hedging shuffling double meaning quibbling routine tall tale falsity misstatement perjury untruth dishonesty fabrication falseness canard fable fiction whopper figment yarn untruthfulness error mendacity erroneousness fakery fallaciousness feigning fibbery half truth untruism faã§ade presence air bearing exterior show manner aspect mien countenance demeanor carriage expression display window dressing visor visage affectation appearance domino dissembling circus revel impersonation festivity carnival mardi gras masked ball mummery costume ball alibi ploy excuse cleanup cop-out cover story farce mockery hypocrisy forgery travesty cant imitation caricature burlesque impostor pharisaism phoniness hypocriticalness euphemism equivoque weasel word
Cover up antonyms
loosen let go unfasten untie lose unfix uncover resuscitate revive add pencil in confide reveal tell disinter dig out open show be honest honesty truthfulness reality frankness peace openness disregard ignore unwrap disclose divulge fill expose lay bare let out unmask exclude take out lay out abandon forget leave alone straighten stay represent tell truth admit allow release confront face meet encounter take on speak on strip explain misinform dull clear up endanger harm injure desert hurt neglect give up exhume dig up attack lay open tell all be forthright brighten lighten clarify illuminate whiten destroy squander waste surrender join pour in turn away aid assist create persuade free encourage begin start help bear permit sanction build up compliment praise give in support yield gift forthrightness disclosure revelation divulgence exposition showing telling uprightness honor trustworthiness personality back rear character clarity certainty fact surety directness facing meeting non-fiction hiding solemnity seriousness original 
Usage of Cover up in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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