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Cure meaning in hindi

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As noun : अच्छा कर देना अच्छा करना अहुटानापु आयुर्द्रव्य आराम आरोग्यशाला आसाइश इजाला इलाज उपचार, चिकित्सा उपचार उपाय उपाशंति ओषध औपयिक खुसफैली चंगा या स्वस्थ करना चिकित्सा चिगछ जांपदह जुक्ति जुगति जोष ज्वरचिकित्सा ठीक कर देना ठीक करना डौलडाल तबावत तैयार करना दवा दवाची लेना दवादर्पन दूर करना पराकरण पादरी प्रथमकल्प बिलगाना भिषग्जित भिषज्य मफर मिलवना मिलाना मुआलिजा मुआलिजा मुक्ती मूकना मेटना मेडिसिन मेरवना मेराना मेलना मोचन रसाना रोगमुक्त करना रोगमुक्त होना रोगमुक्ति रोगह रोगहर रोगिवल्लभ रोगिवल्लभ रोगोपशम लुंच, लुंचन विनयन विनिवारण विनिवृत्ति विनोदन विलब्धि विश्रमण वैदंगा व्यपनुति व्यपसारण व्यवाकृति व्युदास श्रांति षोषण संछेद सन्यासन सलतंत सल्ब सुकून सुखक्रिया सुखा कर या नमक छोड कर बहुत दिनों तक रखना सुखा कर या नमक छोड़ कर बहुत दिनों तक रखना सुखासिका सुधारना सुपास सुरक्षित करना सुरक्षित रखना सूपाय सोच्छ्वास स‌ंसाधन करना हथकड़ा
Usage of Cure: 1: he took lessons to cure his hooking 2: Investigations are going on in science for the cure of cancer. 3: There is hardly any cure for clap. 4: Gargle with salt water to cure soar throat. 5: how do you cure the hiccups? 6: Her cure took three months 7: After a lot of hard work they found a new process.
Doctors are trying to find a cure for AIDS.
I cannot find my way in the dark.
8: There is no cure of misapprehension in any stream of medicine. 9: Use some lotion to cure the rashes. 10: The concept of a cure as such remains controversial
Cure ki paribhasha : nirog ya svasth hone ki avastha vah kaary jo kisi kaary ko rokane, dabaane athava usaka badala chukaane ke liye kiya jaay isaayi dharm ka purohit jo any isaaiyon ka jaatakarm aadi snskaar aur upaasana karaata hai vah vastu jisase koi rog ya vyatha door ho ek padaarth men doosara padaarth dalana rog door karane ki yukti ya kriya raajaniti men shutr par vijay paane ki sukti nivaaran ka upaaya, yukti ya tadabir

Cure synonyms
medication recovery fix drug quick fix remedy panacea treatment elixir medicine antidote healing reparation nostrum help corrective alleviation assistance redress aid medicament physic therapeutic placebo proprietary catholicon countermeasure counteractant counteragent elixir vitae healing agent medicant pharmacon restora-tive restore repair relieve rehabilitate mend alleviate rectify ameliorate improve right palliate doctor attend dose better medicate shake nurse kick cold turkey dry out kick the habit make better make healthy make whole minister to quit cold restore to health sweat it out preserve smoke steel fire salt keep harden pickle temper kipper
Cure antonyms
injury blockage hindrance hurt obstruction disease stop problem damage destroy injure ruin harm weaken worsen ignore break spoil neglect depress soften 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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