Deal in meaning in hindi | Deal in ka matlab 

Deal in meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deal in 
Usage of Deal in: 1: Pelé signed a major autobiographical book deal in 2006 2: Agenda says, in deliberative assemblies, Labour which we must deal in session at today's date 3: , Resume work on a project, a company, a book deal in following the same plan, but with some changes, some changes
Deal in ki paribhasha : chij dena aur usake badale men daam lena

Deal in synonyms
swap shuffle barter replace seesaw commute correspond market interchange network transfer invert alternate reciprocate flip-flop substitute shuttle bandy transpose displace rearrange reverse shift bargain switch castle transact revise change hands buy and sell cash in contact with convert into give and take go over to hook up horse trade link up pass to pay back return the compliment swap horses turn the tables offer retail traffic in preserve control enjoy manage carry have conduct put retain save store amass grip own possess season deposit cache direct detain grasp pile heap accumulate stack withhold garner conserve hold back put up care for trade in vend promote wholesale distribute advertise publicize do business in shop earn invest acquire pick up procure redeem cop secure win achieve patronize attain realize come by take up get hold of go shopping make a buy make a purchase pay for shop for auction move close hawk peddle persuade pitch dump dispose snow boost spiel puff hustle plug drum unload contract push soft sell soft soap sweet talk be in business clinch the deal close the deal put across put up for sale exhibit reveal air produce demonstrate display present streak parade supply unfurl flaunt sport brandish blazon flash submit spread proffer attend afford expose wave unfold unveil flourish stage disport mount bare arrive vaunt lay out put on show off trot out showcase lay bare set out provide stockpile equip hoard furnish fill gather provision put away keep on hand lay in stow away fence relate dicker touch interact bootleg negotiate shove moonshine touch base work out interface black-market connect with have dealings have transaction make a deal reach out consolidate incorporate join absorb unite fuse combine blend meld conglomerate mingle coalesce assimilate marry cement converge amalgamate mix synthesize intermix submerge compound centralize meet intermingle pool immerge be swallowed up become lost in become partners come aboard deal one in hitch on join up line up melt into plug into slap on tack on team up throw in together tie in
Deal in antonyms
deny refuse remain leave alone keep hold continue disregard misuse mismanage neglect not carry lack need squander disperse scatter release dispossess hand over ignore dishonor hurt let go want fail lose displace remove waste dissipate divide spend separate consume give give up abandon let happen not have hide buy forfeit sell throw away miss dissuade hinder prevent repress suppress conceal discourage withhold veto cover take close deplete distribute use up pull disjoin disconnect part unmix 
Usage of Deal in in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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