Debate meaning in hindi | Debate ka matlab 

Debate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Debate 
Usage of Debate: 1: The debate ended inconclusive. 2: Rancorous debate was going on between two brothers. 3: Jerry challenged us to a debate of the issues . 4: Tom did not agree to debate about it . 5: Sally usually wins a formal debate . 6: While Ford was seen as the winner of the first debate 7: After lengthy debate within the Federalist-controlled House 8: The debate continues. 9: Soon after the debate over the Second Boer War 10: The debate over whether or not to keep control of Algeria
Debate ki paribhasha : kisi baat ya vastu par jabaani jhagad brajabhaasha men pratham purush ka vah ekavachan roopa, jo kaarakachihn lagane ke pahale use praapt hota hai kisi vishay ko siddh karane ke liye uttar pratyuttar ke saath baatachit kisi prakaar ka nirnay karake parinaam nikaalane ya bhavitavy ko jaanane ke liye buddhi ka upayog karana

Debate synonyms
deliberation contest argument controversy match dispute argumentation dialectic contention agitation polemic tiff wrangle hassle altercation words disputation meditation cogitation reflection forensic mooting refuting controverting rebutting blah-blah bicker deliberate question oppose answer contend confab differ bandy pettifog prove confute refute rehash agitate reason disprove canvass demonstrate cogitate cross swords lock horns altercate bump heads chew the fat discept hammer away at hash over have at it kick around knock around pick a bone put up argument set to talk back talk game thrash out toss around
Debate antonyms
quiet agreement peace harmony give in harmonize prove endorse make peace go along 
Usage of Debate in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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