Deceit meaning in hindi | Deceit ka matlab 

Deceit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deceit 
Usage of Deceit: 1: It also means Deception, deceit 2: It is also called Any kind of deception, deceit 3: This woman is only deceit 4: With innocence, no purpose to hurt, without fraud or deceit
Deceit ki paribhasha : paani ki dhaar jo pathikon ko oopar se paani pilaane men bandh jaati hai vah snkhya jo paaanch se ek adhik ho vah kathan jo vaastavik sthiti ke viparit ho abhipraay saadhan ke liye hraday ki baat ko chhipaane ki vratti mithya vyavahaar jisase doosare ke man men mithya pratiti utpann ho

Deceit synonyms
fraud deception trickery duplicity hypocrisy dishonesty chicanery treachery double-dealing imposition guile craft cheating slyness artifice craftiness deceitfulness pretense ambidexterity cunning dirty pool smoke and mirrors two-timing dissemblance two-facedness underhandedness fraudulence dissimulation ambidextrousness trapping cozening defrauding dirty dealing entrapping overreaching hoax subterfuge misrepresentation blind humbug sellout shift feint flimflam ruse sham fake stratagem wile spoof swindle whitewash imposture dirty work snow job soft soap sweet talk crocodile tears dirty trick
Deceit antonyms
fairness honesty frankness truthfulness sincerity reality uprightness openness trustworthiness forthrightness artlessness 
Usage of Deceit in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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