Decrepit meaning in hindi | Decrepit ka matlab 

Decrepit meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Decrepit 
Usage of Decrepit: 1: The bicycle is in a decrepit condition. 2: A decrepit old 3: Old age decrepit 4: This wall is decrepit 5: , a decrepit old man said of a very old man tested by age
Decrepit ki paribhasha : jo puraana hone ke kaaran toot phoot gaya ho indr ki pataaka

Decrepit synonyms
infirm broken-down run-down shabby dilapidated crippled frail flimsy ramshackle seedy rickety feeble aged antiquated bedraggled doddering effete fragile haggard incapacitated insubstantial old senile shaking superannuated tacky threadbare tired unsound used wasted weak weather-beaten worn worn-out tottering weakly creaky battered anile quavering tumble-down
Decrepit antonyms
healthy sturdy stable young firm hearty sound strong solid good nice fit 
Usage of Decrepit in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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