Deep rooted meaning in hindi | Deep rooted ka matlab 

Deep rooted meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Deep rooted 
Deep rooted ki paribhasha : paani jisamen jamin bahut andar jaakar mile

Deep rooted synonyms
ingrained endemic continuous continuing habitual recurrent persistent sustained continual constant incurable abiding ceaseless enduring fixed inborn inbred long-standing obstinate perennial prolonged routine settled stubborn tenacious unmitigated unyielding usual long-lived recurring ever-present persisting unabating accepted proved worn seasoned hardened accustomed entrenched staid valid inured firmly established long-established built-in subconscious longstanding deep down deeply felt longtime lodged in one's brain absolute complete congenital die-hard full-fledged genuine thorough thoroughgoing unchangeable uncompromising utter true deep-down deep-dyed deeply ingrained infixed instilled out and out through and through to the core well-established latent innate constitutional internal essential natural genetic fundamental instinctive intrinsic implicit characteristic distinctive elementary immanent indigenous indispensable individual inherited integral integrated intimate inward native original part and parcel resident subjective connate indwelling in the grain inbuilt running in the family unalienable central concealed emotional esoteric focal gut hidden inside interior intuitive personal psychological secret spiritual visceral repressed unrevealed viscerous hard-core addicted customary incorrigible long-lasting old permanent sworn indurated eternal indelible durable everlasting endless forever incessant indissoluble inexhaustible perpetual unceasing undying perdurable unremitting long-term in for the long haul inexpungible till the cows come home lifetime for life livelong secure solid safe steady fast calm balanced strong substantial reliable even tough stout invariable uniform staunch sound stalwart equable immutable resolute stationary steadfast sturdy sure together unalterable unvarying unwavering well-founded nailed anchored stabile poised brick-wall set in stone solid as a rock staying put unfluctuating well-built traditional unshakable vested
Deep rooted antonyms
superficial temporary halting intermittent interrupted infrequent occasional inconstant curable ceasing ending stopping eradicable indefinite sporadic uncommitted undecided unconfirmed added extrinsic learned extra auxiliary minor unimportant external incidental acquired secondary exterior outer outside physical short-lived ephemeral transient impermanent fleeting passing tenuous unprotected unsafe unstable undependable unreliable untrustworthy vulnerable unsound changeable changing irresolute wobbly insecure loose unfixed soft broken weak imbalanced different flexible shaky insolvent untrue false invalidated yielding 
Usage of Deep rooted in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi. 
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