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Default meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Default 
Usage of Default: 1: He was sent to jail in default of evidence against his . 2: he lost the game by default 3: It replaced the default plugs. 4: Most of these plug connections were, unlike the default plugs, not pair-wise. 5: The default filters that are included with CUPS are: raster to PCL 6: The default wallpaper 7: The default file tooltip displays file title 8: As of version 5.04, UTF-8 is the default character encoding. 9: Ubuntu has all networking ports closed by default for added security 10: The default icons and icon layout for Firefox 3 will also change dramatically
Default ki paribhasha : niboo, imali, aama, anaar ya aaanvale aadi kisi khatte phal ke ras ko gaadha karake banaaya hua ek padaarth jo atynt khatta hota hai karm ka na kiye hue ke samaan hona dhyaan na dena aadhunik naiyaayikon ke mat ke anusaar vaisheshik shaastr men saatavaaan padaarth ganit men vah riti jisake anusaar kisi ek snkhya ya maan ko kisi doosari snkhya ya maan men se ghataate hain

Default synonyms
delinquency nonpayment omission privation lack defect dearth deficiency dereliction shortcoming offense inadequacy imperfection absence wrongdoing oversight slight weakness insufficiency blemish vice fault lapse blunder transgression error disregard neglect overlooking evade welsh stiff repudiate skip bilk rat skate shirk dishonor defraud swindle welch leave town meet under arch put on the cuff run out on see in the alley skip out on
Default antonyms
abundance enough plenty advantage perfection sufficiency adequacy strong point success obedience achievement accuracy payment satisfaction remembrance excess strength attention care respect correction right regard accomplish complete face meet give succeed finish do 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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