Defeat meaning in hindi | Defeat ka matlab 

Defeat meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Defeat 
Usage of Defeat: 1: Indias defeat in the hands of the Zimbabweans in the World Cup was unthinkable. 2: All the political parties have joined forces to defeat the Congress. 3: They brought a defeat to his country by playing badly in the match. 4: They brought a defeat to his country by playing badly in the match. 5: 7-5. With this defeat 6: Their defeat by the Swabian League at the Battle of Frankenhausen on May 25 7: Several factors contributed to the Russian defeat and losses. 8: Following Napoleon's final defeat in 1815 at the Battle of Waterloo 9: After suffering defeat 10: After Carthage's defeat in the First Punic War
Defeat ki paribhasha : kisi ko bhaagane men pravratt karana gati ka avarodh karana ek puraana pratyay jo kisi shabd ke aage lagakar kartavya, dhaaran ya snyog aadi soochit karata hai yuddh men pratidbndbi ko hataana

Defeat synonyms
blow loss massacre collapse embarrassment drubbing rout thrashing setback killing failure debacle breakdown triumph destruction repulse conquest licking check trashing whipping trimming slaughter discomfiture fall rebuff count reverse mastery extermination annihilation ambush trap ruin defeasance vanquishment whitewashing scalping whaling waxing lacing trouncing paddling ko subjugation shellacking downthrow insuccess nonsuccess downfall disappointment reversal foil thwarting crush upset overpower overwhelm obstruct subdue reduce sack surmount best outflank butcher repress trample hinder halt smash suppress parry quell drown impede outmaneuver entrap overrun demolish annihilate route obliterate swamp decimate repel subjugate scatter block sink bear down wipe out finish off shipwreck torpedo mow down prevail over roll back knock out win trounce clobber edge take deck pound powder skin tan total zap cream pulverize floor bust lambaste outrun wallop flog drop whack pommel outplay whomp steamroll flax outhit outjump plow under run roughshod over take it all take to cleaners work over outwit blank shave invalidate stump neutralize puzzle confound circumvent refute cross checkmate victimize contravene balk disprove disconcert nonplus squash undo baffle scuttle spoil cook overturn bury nullify skunk counterplot edge out beat down beat the system cast down cause setback nose out put end to take wind out of sails throw for loop
Defeat antonyms
accomplishment achievement success win boon surrender victory attainment mastery yielding boost conquest triumph aid assist attract release grow increase permit facilitate create float liberate construct abet lose fail clear help promote support strengthen save allow let go advance encourage forward push fix free build open give up inspirit forfeit validate explain enlighten prove approve clarify clear up endorse 
Usage of Defeat in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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