Defend meaning in hindi | Defend ka matlab 

Defend meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Defend 
Usage of Defend: 1: He has to defend himself as a champion. 2: The murdered victim had tried to defend himself with an adze. 3: Here, defend yourself with this club . 4: Galileo went to Rome to defend himself against these accusations but 5: Mussolini relied heavily on his propaganda machine to defend these actions 6: Ptolemy was concerned to defend astrology by defining its limits 7: With no major Balkan power left to defend Christianity 8: Unaware of the armada's fate, English forces mustered to defend the country. 9: Sampras failed to defend his Australian Open title 10: Sampras chose not to defend his title
Defend ki paribhasha : yah nishchay karana ki amuk baat uchit hai ya anuchit aapatti ya kasht men na padne dena vishnu ka ek naam

Defend synonyms
preserve contend hold secure uphold prevent fight resist guard maintain oppose retain safeguard shield withstand house mine fortify battle conserve foster sustain entrench war nourish avert shelter screen espouse watch hedge insure save bulwark cover cherish garrison fend off stave off take in panoply fight for beat off care for guard against hold at bay keep safe look after provide sanctuary repel danger ward off watch over champion advocate back assert guarantee endorse argue explain justify exculpate befriend vindicate rationalize plead stonewall second recommend aid warrant exonerate back up go to bat for stand by apologize for bear one out come to defense of cover for prove a case put in a good word ride shotgun for say in defense speak up for stand up for stick up for thump for
Defend antonyms
desert surrender release endanger harm injure aid assist ignore squander uncover forsake relinquish resign deny renounce hurt abandon give up let go lose help support forget neglect discourage make peace waste reveal attack leave quit reject disapprove protest blame condemn sentence accuse punish oppose 
Usage of Defend in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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