Denial meaning in hindi | Denial ka matlab 

Denial meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Denial 
Usage of Denial: 1: it resulted in a complete denial of his privileges 2: the vehemence of his denial 3: There was no denial from ny side about lending him money. 4: He made a categorical denial of all the charges levelled against him. 5: Hoover damned that pessimism as a denial of "the promise of American life . 6: Each case becomes a denial of monotheism. 7: There is no such denial 8: Freud called this denial of emotions "repression" 9: Noting his denial in The FBI Pyramid 10: Increasing grievances over the denial of civil rights
Denial ki paribhasha : kisi vastu se na vishesh prem hona na dbesh vah baat jo kisi doosari baat athava siddhaatn ka virodh karane ke liye kahi jaay saansaarik prapnchon ke tyaag ki vratti na ya nahin ka bodhak shabd ya vaaky nahin kisi padaarth par se apana svatv hata lene athava use apane paas se alag karane ki kriya paropakaar buddhi se apane laabh ki or dhyaan na dena todne, kaatane ya hissa karanevaala

Denial synonyms
rejection veto disapproval repudiation rebuttal retraction repulse dissent negation negative rebuff nay prohibition renunciation nix turndown contradiction protestation refutation declination disclaimer cold shoulder noncommittal disallowance brush-off forswearing nonacceptance refutal disavowal renouncement disproof adjuration abstaining controversion dismissing gainsaying no way refraining refusing rejecting renegement repudiating statement abnegation
Denial antonyms
ratification confirmation permission affirmation avowal claim corroboration allowance approval sanction agreement vouching 
Usage of Denial in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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