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Determine meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Determine 
Usage of Determine: 1: argument could not determine its truth or falsity 2: , one not summoned by the king, was required to determine the succession. 3: Only Mussolini could determine the body's agenda. 4: He attempted to determine the fates of his daughters' friends 5: It is difficult to determine which programming languages are most widely used 6: Virginia law allows parishioners to determine their church's affiliation. 7: Weight is much more difficult to determine than length in sauropods 8: Since the outermost electrons determine chemical properties 9: Finite things don't determine themselves 10: Niqqud is the system of dots the help determine vowels and consonants.
Determine ki paribhasha : kisi kaary ko tatparata ke saath aarnbh karana

Determine synonyms
resolve complete rule opt cinch clinch end incline figure actuate move dispose drive induce ordain impel finish settle predispose terminate tap arbitrate persuade halt nail down ultimate wind up wrap up call the shots fix upon pin down take a decision detect verify learn tell see ascertain demonstrate work out establish check unearth tumble certify hear divine add up to make out figure out boil down to catch on have a hunch size up elect doom fate predestine preordain predetermine purpose foreordain finger preform make up mind control impose influence shape limit measure affect plot delimit lead devise manage modify direct bound command invent circumscribe condition mark off
Determine antonyms
commence create dissuade repress hinder prevent suppress doubt hesitate waver begin start bear stop discourage initiate miss overlook disprove invalidate confuse ignore destroy unsettle let go neglect follow mismanage 
Usage of Determine in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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