Diminutive meaning in hindi | Diminutive ka matlab 

Diminutive meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Diminutive 
Usage of Diminutive: 1: `Hariis the diminutive of the name `Harikrishna. 2: The name is a diminutive of an Arabic word meaning "fortress built near water". 3: Svarogich is a simply diminutive of Svarog's name 4: In Spanish, the suffix -zuela is used as a diminutive term 5: The term is a diminutive of the word pota 'a pot'. 6: affectionate diminutive Brother 7: diminutive suffix 8: It also marks, in the composition of some verbs, an Action diminutive 9: Little girl, sissy, Amourette are diminutive expressions, are diminutives of words Words Girl, Woman and Love 10: Terme, diminutive word, or, as male name, diminutive, term, a word that has a lower significance softened or more than that it is formed by the addition of a certain termination
Diminutive ki paribhasha : jo badai ya vistaar men kam ho

Diminutive synonyms
miniature little wee bantam button pocket midget small lilliputian minute teeny teensy teensy-weensy teeny-weeny pint-sized peewee bitsy bitty pocket-sized undersize
Diminutive antonyms
enormous giant huge immense large big important tall 
Usage of Diminutive in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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