Din meaning in hindi | Din ka matlab 

Din meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Din 
Other : शोर
Usage of Din: 1: It was useless to make such a din for so little So 2: Make a big noise, a frightful din 3: Make the din means figuratively Make a lot of embarrassment 4: Noise, noise, noise, infernal din 5: Soothe, stop the din 6: That's good for the din little 7: This is maddening din 8: What a din in this house, in this assembly! They made their entry into the hotel with much ado 9: What a racket do I hear? Making din
Din ki paribhasha : bahut se logon ki aspasht chillaahat anunya, krodha, avashy hi, nishchay hi aadi athon tatha paadapoorti ke roop men prayuvat avyay jhnjhanaahat ka shabd jo kisi dhaatukhnd se nikalata hai

Din synonyms
disquiet hullabaloo racket row babel commotion hubbub percussion shout music tintinnabulation clamor clangor crash clash confusion bedlam hoo-ha clatter brouhaha sound jangle tumult pandemonium uproar buzz outcry hurly-burly stridency boisterousness tintamarre
Din antonyms
calm calmness quiet silence peace order 
Usage of Din in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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