Dinner meaning in hindi | Dinner ka matlab 

Dinner meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dinner 
Usage of Dinner: 1: an elaborate formal dinner with all the fixings 2: They have arranged a dinner in her honour. 3: The dinner arrangements were quite good. 4: a specially arranged dinner 5: They intruded on our dinner party. 6: He downed three martinis before dinner 7: We had tutti-frutti after dinner yesterday. 8: I threw out the remains of my dinner 9: They intruded on our dinner party 10: The dinner was really slap-up.
Dinner ki paribhasha : puraananusaar shaanti devi ke garbh se utpann vasudev ke ek putr ka naam vah bhojan jo saaynkaal ke samay kiya jaata hai aalamaari, mej ya sndook aadi men chijen rakhane ke liye patariyon ya takhton ke dvaara kiya hua vibhaag

Dinner synonyms
feast banquet repast blowout eats fete spread chow collation regale supper refection feedbag ribs potluck din-din main meal major munch principal meal table d'hã´te 
Usage of Dinner in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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