Discipline meaning in hindi | Discipline ka matlab 

Discipline meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Discipline 
Usage of Discipline: 1: in what discipline is his doctorate? 2: Parents must discipline their children. 3: Straingent measures should be used to enforce discipline of our school. 4: Our school has thirty prefects to maintain discipline in school premises. 5: normative discipline 6: Bill is such a discipline problem . 7: I will have to discipline you for figurehting . 8: Jefferson's interests included archeology, a discipline then in its infancy. 9: As evolutionary biology expanded as an academic discipline 10: The government's economic strategy is based on fiscal and monetary discipline
Discipline ki paribhasha : vyavahaar men dinata ya adhinata ka bhaav vah patali chhad jisamen godakar maans bhoonate hain kisi snstha ke snbndh men niyamon ka sngrah shiksha praapt karana sikhane ka kaam .... nigrahasthaan dnd jo kisi ko dabaane ke liye diya jaata hai vah jo saadhaaran ke atirikt aur usase adhik ho vah gyaan jo shiksha aadi ke dvaara upaarjit ya praapt kiya jaata hai kisi kaary ka vah vidhaan jo shaastron aadi ke dvaara nishchit ya nirdhaarit hua ho baar baar kisi kaam ko karana

Discipline synonyms
control development restraint practice self-restraint will regulation preparation self-control education method limitation strictness indoctrination willpower cultivation curb drill conduct orderliness subordination self-government exercise domestication inculcation drilling self-command self-mastery rod correction comeuppance chastisement castigation getting yours hell to pay punition curriculum course specialty area branch of knowledge
Discipline antonyms
agitation ignorance chaos disorganization negligence award reward confusion disorder neglect permissiveness 
Usage of Discipline in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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