Disgust meaning in hindi | Disgust ka matlab 

Disgust meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Disgust 
Usage of Disgust: 1: Yet disgust can often be a learned or cultural issue too 2: , Feeling fade heart, Have, experience disgust 3: also said figuratively It lifts the heart, this revolt, it makes feel a great contempt, a violent disgust 4: Eat the tips of teeth, eating without appetite, with disgust or disdain 5: Familiar interjection expressing disgust 6: familiar interjection, which is used to express contempt, revulsion, disgust that inspire someone or something 7: He has no fever but he stayed his disgust 8: He was overwhelmed with disgust 9: Horror , disgust we feel for a person or thing 10: I soon to disgust me with this dish, this drink
Disgust ki paribhasha : agnimaandy rog jisamen bhojan ki ichchha nahin hoti

Disgust synonyms
distaste antipathy hatred loathing dislike revulsion abhorrence repugnance sickness objection revolt abomination satiation surfeit detestation satiety nausea hatefulness nauseation nauseousness disturb displease bother shock upset insult nauseate offend irk outrage sicken turn off repulse scandalize abominate pique pall put off disenchant be repulsive cloy on fill with loathing gross out make one sick offend morals of reluct turn one's stomach
Disgust antonyms
liking admiration fondness reverence like love loving approval appeal desire esteem respect appease calm soothe delight compliment admire order make happy please help 
Usage of Disgust in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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