Disobedience meaning in hindi | Disobedience ka matlab 

Disobedience meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Disobedience 
Usage of Disobedience: 1: Thoreau wrote a famous essay justifying civil disobedience 2: Gandhi subsequently led an expanded movement of civil disobedience 3: This action of civil disobedience started the Montgomery Bus Boycott 4: Though the penalties for disobedience were not 5: Angered by his daughter's disobedience 6: disobedience Act 7: For one it was disobedience punished 8: God reproved Saul for his disobedience 9: The disobedience of this child draw him frequent punishments 10: This school is to a desperate disobedience
Disobedience ki paribhasha : kisi baat par jam jaana ki aisa ho ho

Usage of Disobedience in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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