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Draft meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Draft 
As noun : अनिवार्य भर्ती होना Ex:  they served beer on draft जकोरा Ex:  In his first draft of the Declaration of Independence जलमग्न भाग Ex:  They agreed to Smuts’ draft South African constitution झँका Ex:  The Emperor presented the final draft of the Edict of Worms on May 25 झंपन Ex:  The first draft screenplay झपको Ex:  Scholars believe that Q2 was based on Shakespeare's pre-performance draft झरपपु Ex:  The NFL draft is usually held in April झोँटा Ex:  She completed her first draft in July 1816. In addition झोंका Ex:  This draft definition was not accepted टुकड़ी Ex:  An early draft of the screenplay was written by Chris Conkling ड्रफ्ट Ex:  After Bakshi and Zaentz saw Conkling's first draft ड्राफ्ट या हुंडी Ex:  The resolution to draft independent constitutions was पाण्डु लेख Ex:  Pynchon wrote the first draft of Gravity's Rainbow in "neat पाण्डुलेखन Ex:  When an effort to draft former president Grover Cleveland failed प्रारुप तैयार करना Ex:  Horses are kept for draft purposes प्रारुप बनाना Ex:  Spielberg has claimed that he prepared his own draft प्रारुप लिखना Ex:  According to Baker's draft प्रारुपअ Ex:  Roman Vopat, Craig Johnson, and draft picks. प्रारूप तैयार करना Ex:  The first draft of War and Peace was written in 1863 भरती करना Ex:  They are also used as draft animals and in certain sports. भेज् करना Ex:  In the first draft that Leigh Brackett would write from this मसौदा बनाना या लिखना Ex:  The second draft was begun on 25 September 1877 मसौदा बनाना Ex:  In 1907 Baden-Powell wrote a draft called Boy Patrols. मसौदा Ex:  The original draft of the screenplay was titled The Babysitter Murders. उ:   जुलाई २०१२ में, काम मसौदा जारी किया गया था। रिस्क Ex:  Bosnian national teams have struggled to draft the best national players. वातपात Ex:  1821, to draft a written Constitution. श्वसनोर्मि Ex:  During that same draft हवा का झोंका Ex:  They also decided to draft a new fundamental government design
As verb : भर्ती करना Ex:  Cattle remain important as draft animals in many developing countries
Other : काँचा Ex:  He took a sleeping draft ख़ाका Ex:  The draft of the letter is ready. चिट्ठा Ex:  They were mainly protesting against the draft . चिट्ठी Ex:  26 changes were made from Jefferson's original draft by the Committee of Five. ड्राफ्ट Ex:  Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman, to draft a Declaration of Independence. उ:   पटकथा के प्रारंभिक ड्राफ्ट में, जॉन एक सहायक किरदार था। मसविदा Ex:  With no writer available, Lucas had to write his second draft himself. उ:   चार महीने के परिश्रम के बाद संधि का मसविदा तैयार हुआ। रेखा चित्र Ex:  They are also used as draft animals and in certain sports. हुंडी Ex:  Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain, authorized the draft of the slaves. उ:   सारे देश में इनकी हुंडी का व्यापार फैला था। हुण्डी Ex:  In the original draft proposal
Draft ki paribhasha : likhit saamagri pramaan aadi ke liye upayogi vah patr ya kaagaj jisapar ek mahaajan doosare mahaajan ko jisase len den ka vyavahaar hota hai, kuchh rupaya dene ke liye likhakar kisi ko rupae ke badale men deta hai kisi yojanaa, prastaava, vidheyak aadi ka vah praathamik roop jisamen aage aavashyak hone par snshodhan aadi kiya ja sake kisi nukoli vastu se rokha ke roop men chihn karana kisi aujaar aadi ka vah hissa jo haath se pakad jaata hai kaat chhaaant karane doharaane aur saaph karane ke uddeshy se pahali baar likha hua lekh

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Draft synonyms

blueprint version outline abstract delineation preliminary form rough sketch bill debenture coupon iou receipt warrant order bond promissory note cheque letter of credit bank draft money order current puff eddy breeze wind selection lottery levy assignment registration induction allotment roll call recruiting greetings impressment selective service call of duty call-up letter from uncle sam drench drain swill swig glass drag swallow peg quaff prepare devise design forge draw up manufacture delineate compose concoct skeleton fabricate make contrive invent project characterize shape fashion adumbrate frame block out choose enroll muster enlist indite call up dragoon conscribe sign on sign up

Draft antonyms

disorganize destroy ruin demolish wreck raze break neglect tell truth stop avoid dodge reject

Usage of Draft in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or transitive verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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