Dress meaning in hindi | Dress ka matlab 

Dress meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Dress 
Usage of Dress: 1: conservative people unaccustomed to informal dress 2: Her dress was very snazzy. 3: unfastidious in her dress 4: She wore an unlovely dress in the party. 5: The dress has a slit on the left side. 6: The dress looks misshapen. 7: His dress is in tatters. 8: neatness and fastidiousness of dress 9: The ribbons on the dress were in beautiful colours. 10: The dress you ordered has arrived.
Dress ki paribhasha : oopar pahanane ke mukhy mukhy kapade kapade latte aur gahane aadi pahanakar apane aapaki sajaana hin kisi padaarth se usake kisi ansh ko kaatakar alag karana rooi, reshama, oon ya san ke taagon se buna hua aachchhaadaan

Dress synonyms
gown frock attire garb uniform apparel costume suit wardrobe skirt ensemble accouterment drape habiliment covering shift habit trappings outfit vestment things guise threads duds raiment tog gear dry goods smock civvies muumuu toga pinafore sunday best attirement evening clothes toggery trim don adorn turn out decorate wear bedeck ornament clad array embellish primp rig furbish change spruce up bundle up fit out slip into slip on suit up arrange do up set align dispose straighten adjust comb make ready treat attend bind heal cauterize sterilize bandage cleanse plaster give first aid sew up
Dress antonyms
uncover disrobe bare undress mess up rumple wrinkle reveal take off unclothe lay bare disarray open uglify disarrange disorder displace dirty 
Usage of Dress in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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