Drowse meaning in hindi | Drowse ka matlab 

Drowse meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Drowse 
Drowse synonyms
catnap forty winks shut-eye drift off nod off catch a wink sleep lightly cop some z's doze off have forty winks relax rack catch forty winks get some shut-eye take a siesta take a snooze grab some z's droop slump be sleepy become inattentive breathe lean unwind spell slack slacken recline loaf repose loll lounge dream idle laze let down let up sit down lie down stretch out unbend unlax be at ease be comfortable compose oneself ease off ease up lie by lie still put feet up refresh oneself slack off take a break take a nap take five take it easy take life easy take ten take time out wind down languish hibernate crash oversleep bunk flop retire snore fall out hit the hay turn in fall asleep bed down conk out hit the sack sack out saw wood zonk out zzz coma dormancy stupor inactivity torpor lethargy languor sack time take forty winks annoy exhaust dishearten exasperate depress irk fade bore distress debilitate jade tax nauseate strain enfeeble fail enervate sap cloy weaken vex disgust glut pain flag fatigue sink burden plague drain overwork sicken harass weigh oppress fall off wear down wear out tire out fag cause ennui grow tired have had enough leave one cold lose interest make discontented take it out of try the patience of tucker out gape give yawp spread part expand divide fatigue catch flies
Drowse antonyms
awakening consciousness wakefulness increase go up rise receive take away energize activate carry out walk do move stand be active grow activity energy wake up soothe invigorate refresh comfort excite assist calm aid mend enliven make happy please encourage help cure strengthen conceal connect close hold keep collect gather join 
Usage of Drowse in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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